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Aude Pariset




Flower Maiden (Ecoveg)
Stallion Dad
Green Nuclear Family nº 1
Green Nuclear Family nº 2
Leçon de Vie (Bio Qualität)
Mother Cougar
Ménage Garbage Patch 1
Ménage Garbage Patch 2
Promession® #1
Promession® #2
Petite SUV I
Petite SUV II


The boxes on the floor are inhabited by mealworms, which are used for producing fertilizers by means of vermicomposting. The worms can digest and biodegrade Styrofoam. 

The mealworms are cared for daily. Their boxes are cleaned and the lighting and humidity are adjusted by museum personnel.

The works on the wall are made of the artist’s home-produced bio-plastic. Her repurposed luxury images of equestrian sports and high-end leisure pursuits address the themes of recycling, consumerism and the transience of matter.

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen

Aude Pariset

Born in France in 1983
Based in Berlin

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3rd floor