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Hito Steyerl

Factory of the Sun


Video installation (23:00 min)

The video depicts a factory that manufactures light by harnessing the movements of dancers. The work weaves together the imagery of video games, news reportage and internet dance videos. It looks like a video game, but is unplayable – a twist the artist sees as mirroring our digitized world.

The grid schematics of the video and viewing space suggest a motion capture studio in which human movement can be recorded and converted into digital data. 

Another video installation by the same artist is also featured in the show: How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV Fil

Hito Steyerl’s video installations probe issues related to the media, technology and the global circulation of images. What is the meaning of this world in which everything is watched and filmed? Steyerl addresses these burning topics through her particular brand of quirky humour.

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

Hito Steyerl

Born in Germany in 1966
Based in Berlin

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5th floor